NUN: Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Psalms 119:105)

Serving YHWH thru Service to Others

The Path to Light Ministry

Previous weekly commentaries are available on the Christian Search & Rescue page.


I am still working at it folks but this new GoDaddy system is the pits and freezes continually to make things even worse . . . please hang in there . . . I hope to start doing a weekly address soon as well as adding older material.


To follow the example Yahshua gave us a person must first learn what he taught - We present that here by following the link  What Yahshua Taught.

It is a sad fact of history that false doctrines have flourished for millenia. Today is no different. Our False Teachings page addresses many of these.

  Welcome to the newly rebuilt site. Please bear with me . . . I do not like what GoDaddy is forcing upon me to maintain this site  . . . grrrr. Their new system is the pits. It will take awhile to get up to speed but I hope it is ready enough to help. News feeds for WND and NewsMax are already in place with more on the way. The most important study tools are also ready to go. I have added an introduction page as well as what I consider a few pages on "Key" issues.

  If there are any "favorite" items or articles from the old site that you would like to see updated ASAP please let me know - email me The old site was almost 400 pages and I doubt I will reinstall all of it. Again, thanks for stopping by on your walk on The Path to Light.