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John 3:16 - The Rest of the Story Part II

John 3:16 is probably the most misused verse in the Bible. So many people read that one verse and base their entire “Christian life” on it alone. Worse yet they teach others to do the same. Can the words of an Apostle supersede those of YHWH? - Of course not. Can the words of an Apostle supersede those of Yahshua? - Of course not. Faith alone is a lie. We see the relevance of obedience throughout the Bible - See Note1 for a listing of proof of this. In addition, the Apostle John himself wrote of the importance of obedience!

Almost a dozen times in the New Testament alone we are told that the commandments are still relevant and require our obedience. Yahshua had patience with those who lacked faith, who at times doubted Him, even His own handpicked Apostles (Matthew 6:30, 8:26, 14:31, 16:8, 21:21, John 20:24-29, Luke 12:28, Mark 11:23, etc.). He did not expect “instant faith”. He did, and does, expect obedience:

If you love me, keep my commandments.

(John 14:15)

Yahshua says he will continue to love you if you are keeping the commandments:

If you should be keeping my commandments you shall be remaining in my love, according as I have kept my Fathers commandments and I am remaining in His love.

(John 15:10)

Yahshua told us keeping the commandments is required for eternal life:

And he said to him, why are you saying good to me? No one is good except one, YHWH! Yet if you desire to enter into life, keep the commandments.

(Matthew 19:17)

Sadly, there are still those lost souls who follow the words of Paul instead of the words of YHWH or His Son Yahshua. They want to claim Yahshua as Savior but do not accept him as Lord/Master. They deny his authority before men. Deny him and he will deny you - his words - listen or die! Let us look a little closer here.

But whoever denies me before men, I also will deny him before My Father in Heaven.

(Matthew 10:33)

Robertson’s Word Pictures: Shall deny me (arnesetai me). Aorist subjunctive here with hostis, though future indicative above. Note accusative here (case of extension), saying “no” to Christ, complete breach. This is a solemn law, not a mere social breach, this cleavage by Christ of the man who repudiates him, public and final.

If you are denying the authority of Yahshua over you then you are denying him as YHWH's Messiah. If you are denying his authority over you then you are denying him as your Lord/Master. If you are saying you believe in him but do not obey him then you are, in essence, saying he is the Lord but not your Lord! Do this and he will deny you before YHWH. If you are denying YHWH’s authority over you - by ignoring His commandments - and counting on the blood of Yahshua to cover those sins, while you are denying Yahshua’s authority over you too, then you are going to follow Paul and his followers all the way to Hell!

There are those who have been so blinded and deafened by Paul and others as to believe Yahshua’s own words do not matter if they were said before he died for us. For those poor misguided souls let us continue with a look at what was said after Yahshua was resurrected and ascended into Heaven. So let us look at what the same author of John 3:16 had to say after Yahshua was resurrected and ascended into Heaven.

And by this we know that we have known Him, if we are keeping His commandments.

(I John 2:3)

John made it pretty obvious that if you are not keeping the commandments then you do not even really know Yahshua. John goes on:

He who is saying, `I have known him,' and is not keeping his commands, he is a liar and the truth is not in him;

(1 John 2:4)

If a person does do not know Yahshua then they cannot truly say they believe in him; and, if you are not keeping his commandments then you do not know him and are a liar. This from the same writer of John 3:16! John then ties this in to who is denying Yahshua as the Messiah:

Who is the liar, except he who is denying that Yahshua is the Messiah? this one is the antichrist who is denying the Father and the Son; Everyone denying the Son does not have the Father. The one confessing the Son also has the Father.

(1 John 2:22-23)

Are you denying Yahshua as the Messiah - the anointed of YHWH and your Lord - by ignoring his authority over you and his commands to you? Do you expect to ask for, and receive, forgiveness when you do not obey him? What did John say about that?

And whatever we ask, we receive from Him, because we are keeping His commandments, and we are doing the things pleasing before Him.

(1 John 3:22)

John says without obedience you will not have the Holy Spirit:

And the one keeping his commandments is remaining in him and he will dwell in him. And by this we know that he abides in us, by the Spirit which he gave to us.

(1 John 3:24)

If you are being disobedient and are following a “spirit” within you then go back and read 1 John 2:22! That “spirit” will take you to Hell! When it comes to obedience 1st John continues with similar comments, e.g. 1 John 5:2/3. If you love what John wrote in his gospel account - i.e. John 3:16 - you really need to read more of what John wrote after Yahshua died and was resurrected and ascended into Heaven. Let us take a quick look at Revelation too.

and the dragon was angry against the woman, and went away to make war with the rest of her seed, those keeping the commands of YHWH, and having the testimony of Yahshua Messiah.

(Revelation 12:17)

Here is the endurance of the saints; here the ones keeping the commands of YHWH and the faith of Yahshua.

(Revelation 14:12)

Could John have been clearer that it takes faith and obedience? John is not the only one after Yahshua died and was resurrected and ascended into Heaven to tell us these truths. We were even warned, again, of men like Paul:

For certain men stole in, those of old having been written before to this judgment, ungodly ones perverting the grace of our God into unbridled lust, and denying the only Master, YHWH, and our Master's Messiah Yahshua.

(Jude 1:4)

Disobedience is denial! YHWH has always, since Adam & Eve, expected obedience. Yahshua, by his own words, expects obedience too. The Apostle John tells us these same truths. The Apostle Jude also tells us these same truths. James does too. Are you listening?

Thank you for joining me on The Path to Light.

In Brotherly Love,



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