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I believe in Eternity, I believe...


We are all on the same eternal journey to find fulfillment, we are simply at different stages of our own process. 


We should trust the process.  


We are all imperfect human beings on an eternal journey to find fulfillment, not happiness.  


Fulfillment and happiness are two different things.


Fulfillment is far better than happiness.


Fulfillment fills the void that happiness alone cannot fill.


Fulfillment only comes from living a life with a purpose that makes a positive difference.


No human being will ever be truly fulfilled (or perfect) by focusing only on themselves.


No imperfect human being is qualified to judge another imperfect human being.  


I am imperfect.


And I am incredibly grateful because my perceived imperfections are the catalysts to my continued growth. 


My name is Kaiya "Kai" Roman 


I am an intuitive lightworker, a certified life coach, an Usui Reiki Ryoho Master Teacher, and Energy Healer.


Before I ended up trapped in a horrifically abusive situation that I was unsure I would survive, I had everything I was told that I needed to be happy; a lucrative career, a loving family, an amazing house, a great car, many awesome friends, and even an incredible husband. Somehow I still felt empty inside, something so much deeper was missing from my life but I could not put my finger on it. I just kept searching outside of myself for fulfillment and nothing I had or achieved fulfilled the void.


No matter how hard I tried to feel fulfilled with my life, I was miserable. As my marriage began to fall apart, a man who I thought to be the man of my dreams walked into my life and I was sure I had found the missing link to my emptiness and happiness, I believed the void inside me was finally filled.


It did not take long however for the red flags to start appearing and soon I found myself in the nightmare of an abusive cycle I just couldn't seem to find my way out of. I hung on for dear life and I even married him, I was determined to get back what I thought we had in the beginning, only to slowly figure out that the beginning was all an illusion that never really existed.


I started to doubt my own sanity and blame myself, I just kept thinking that if I could be better, we could go back to the bliss we had in the beginning. Time went by, things steadily got worse, he strategically isolated me from friends and family, cut me off from any money, would not allow me to work, he was controlling and manipulative and although I left several times, I kept going back.


Complete and utter insanity, and each time I went back, any strength I had gained was quickly stripped and I was back to feeling more helpless, depressed and sad than I was before I left. I had zero self confidence, friends and family were no longer willing to help, or to even listen as they'd heard it too many times and tried to help too many times already.  I certainly had no money and no means to survive on my own.


I started searching for answers and discovered narcissistic personality disorder, my husband had every single trait. I read and read and searched for something that could help me. All I could find was more information to validate my situation and expensive programs that promised to give me the strength to escape but that I had no means to pay for.


Finally after I realized this was life or death and that I would not come out of this alive if I didn't take action, I stopped wasting my time reading about and validating the abuse.  Instead I put my energy and focus into regaining my strength and my confidence. I found yoga, meditation, and began to study enlightenment, mindfulness, fulfillment, and healing.  I went within my soul and learned what resonated with me, I suddenly became aware of myself.  


I realized that I  could trust and listen to my intuition, that I could reframe my thoughts and therefore redefine my outcomes. I continued to study what resonated with me and what was working for me.  I became a certified Life Coach and Reiki Master.  This allowed me to continue to evolve and to self-heal.  It also resulted in others requesting my help and healing.   I quickly grew strong enough to set boundaries, to stay true to myself and to my goals for a better life.  I remained focused and after offering services for whatever amount an individual felt comfortable paying, I eventually saved enough money to escape the abusive and destructive situation I was in.


And I created a new and beautiful life for myself.


In hindsight that experience, no matter how painful and difficult it was, led me to the fulfillment I had been seeking all along.  I can now look back at it as an amazing blessing,  It was the catalyst to The Path To Light, the fulfillment of the void, and I am so grateful.  I made a promise to myself that when I came out the other side, I would dedicate my life to guiding others on this path to freedom and peace.


It would be a great honor and my pleasure to guide you back to your own light!


~ Peace & Light

© 2019 The Path To Light

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