Awareness In New Beginnings

Why are we so challenged with new beginnings, trying something new, or doing something differently?

Why is it that when we are faced with change, we are overtaken with fear to the point that we believe the outcome will be negative without even taking the time to explore?

Somewhere along the line, the majority of us lost faith and trust in the process of life itself. You are who you are because of every moment you have lived. You are an amazing collection of moments, an extraordinary being.

The past is a tremendous way to understand yourself but please understand that the past also has an incredibly powerful hold. It is not easy to relinquish the past to the past but it is truly necessary to live a joyous life. The trick is to carry the past with you but always decide the present with your present self instead of your past self.

The first step is awareness. You must become aware of what you're doing and why you're doing it. If you don't know, you cannot change it. Through awareness, you decide what you want and you understand yourself well enough to know what you want.

When something new shows up in your life, instead of wanting all the answers upfront, simply stop and say to yourself, "there is something new in my life." This simple statement shines a light on what is happening. More importantly, it stops the process of analysis just long enough to become comfortable with the fact that something new has shown up.

The reason this new thing is showing up in your life is that you have summoned it. It was brought to either teach you more about what you do not want or to help the person or thing coming into your life.

You have completely defeated your own purpose when you make the decision that you are not important enough to really explore this new thing in every way possible. Welcome what is new instead of chasing it away. Nothing is asking you to commit before you explore.

Much of the pain we experience in our lives is caused by skipping this exploratory phase. We tend to hold ourselves back and judge from a distance. Or the wrapping looks great so we jump in only to find out it's rotten on the inside. If you do not allow for exploration, you will always struggle and you will always be uncertain.

Exploration provides us a true sense of safety and leads us to the next step which is commitment. Things peter out when there is no commitment.

Take the time to explore what is showing up for you, you have summoned it. Discover who you are, what you want, and most importantly why you want it.

Become your own advocate.

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