Reiki for Trauma

Trauma causes injury to the soul and results in debilitating damage to a person's fight or flight response causing heightened anxiety, stress and fear even in safe situations. Trauma can manifest in several ways such as flashbacks, nightmares, obsessive thoughts, insomnia, lack of concentration, numbness, depression, hyper-vigilence, isolation, irritability, anger, panic, shame, guilt, avoidance, and anxiety.

Our bodies are programmed for survival and our instinctual response to stress is fight, flight or freeze. A perceived threat activates stress hormones and the body's natural protection mechanism. Blood flow increases to the muscles, pulse increases, breathing becomes faster and any function that is not necessary for immediate survival slows or shuts down completely. Digestion slows, the immune system is surpassed, hunger diminishes, vital energy centers shut down, etc.

Prolonged exposure to stress is profoundly detrimental to a person's health and wellbeing. For a person who has experienced trauma, the perception of danger can be constant and thus they exist in a constant state of survival mode and health problems invariably develop.

Trauma affects our chakra system and shuts down vital energy necessary to living a normal, balanced, happy and fulfilled life. The Root Chakra is related to safety and survival. The Sacral Chakra relates to creativity, sexuality, intimacy and is also where we store our emotions. The Solar Plexus is our power center representing our personal power and its expression. The Heart Chakra relates to love, love of self, and love of others. The Throat Chakra relates to communication. The Third Eye Chakra relates to knowing or intuition. The Crown Chakra relates to spirituality and connection with source. A person who has experienced trauma will feel depleted in all of these areas.

Reiki calms the spirit allowing for inner peace and calm and a natural return to an optimal state of being both physically and emotionally. When the spirit is calm, healing can take place. When a person goes into fight, flight or freeze mode, emotions often get buried in an attempt to cope with the traumatic experience. These emotions get trapped and stored in the body as cellular memory. Reiki healings calm the spirit and open the chakras so that these trapped emotions and the trauma that caused them can be gently released and the body can go back to its natural ability to heal itself. Healing is not possible when the body's energetic systems are shut down.

Reiki Client Testimonials

“The Reiki helps me sleep through the night.”

“I can focus better and I am looking at life more positively.”

“I have not had a panic attack in four weeks and have not awoken with a nightmare.”

“The Reiki helps me to be more open with my wife.  I am talking more.”  

“I can relax now and I am sleeping better.”

“I had two to three panic attacks a week when we began. I have not had any in weeks.”

“The Reiki helps my headaches. I am decreasing my pain meds with my doctors’ direction.”

“I have never showed any emotion related to my survivor guilt. The Reiki helped me to let the emotions out.” (Vietnam vet)

“I can’t believe my pain is decreased. The narcotics can’t do that.”

“I have not been able to relax since Iraq. The Reiki allows me to relax for the first time.”

“I have started to do things I always wanted to do. I am no longer doing things I should not do. I am letting things go and not getting angry about everything. I am becoming who I really am.” I am like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly.”

“Reiki helps me go to a place of peace inside.”

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