The Truth

Updated: Apr 15

You seek the truth. What do you believe the truth is going to bring to you? What is the difference between your truth and the collective truth?

There is one absolute truth I will share with you. Whether you are actively seeking the truth or not, at some point on your journey you will find that you must go within. Not to seek God, not to win, not to become something, not to find the truth, but simply because there is nowhere else to go.

Are you at that point?

Do you cling to the notion that somewhere out there, there is a truth?

That somehow if you discover the right way to be and to speak that others will finally love, honor, accept, and maybe even hold you in reverence?

Why is it that you cannot stop seeking the truth outside of yourself?

How often does the pursuit of truth come before finding a place of stillness and just being with yourself?

The truth is, you must go within and ask for experiences instead of asking for answers. "Allow me to be present in the next experience of my life."

Instead of seeking the truth outside of yourself, go within. Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit in stillness. Close your eyes, palms open to the sky, breathe deeply from your belly, expanding your lungs, let go a little more with each exhalation. Imagine that with each exhalation you are surrendering your beliefs about the truth. With each inhalation, feel what arrives to replace the beliefs you are letting go of. Breathe as long as you'd like.

When your experience becomes more meaningful to you than seeking the truth, you will be able to honor and respect more than the truth and you will know peace.

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