The Truth About Why The Narcissist Chose You

Why did the narcissist choose you? The sad truth is also the best part.

The narcissist chose you because you are special, you are extraordinary. You are kind, intelligent, strong, compassionate, giving and you have integrity.

When the narcissist chose you, they tricked you by mirroring all of your wonderful qualities, all of the qualities they lack in themselves. They won you over by becoming you and you were able to see yourself through their eyes. What you saw was beautiful and that is why you fell for them. You fell for a version of yourself. After all, who wouldn't fall for you?

You are extraordinary!

The saddest part of this truth is that the narcissist is incapable of a loving and mature relationship. The narcissist is broken beyond repair. Once you learn about narcissism and are able to accept this, you can understand why it fell apart and you can begin to heal.

When you come out of the fog, you realize that it was never your fault. The narcissist was simply mirroring all of your amazing qualities, you were able to see yourself through their eyes and you were able to feel just how amazing and worthy of love you truly are. The kind, giving, loving nature the narcissist showed you in the beginning is who you are, it was not who they are, it was not who they will ever be.

Be grateful that you had the opportunity to truly see yourself and do not forget how extraordinary you are!

~Love & Light


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